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O Mo Te Na Shi – Gastfreundschaft

Ren Saibara & Haruka Tomatsu

The interactive online performance O Mo Te Na Shi is dedicated to the normality of the everyday that the world has lost since the beginning of the pandemic. The host leads the guests through a house in Kyoto and through a shared apartment in Berlin that a prominent publisher lived in at the beginning of the 20th century. With the architecture as well as the stories of the houses and their inhabitants in focus, the participants and the host pursue questions of the every day’s normality in Japan and in Germany.


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30 minutes

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Event notes

Eine Wohngemeinschaft in Berlin – in Japanese:
Wednesday 5/26 & Friday 5/28 – 11:00 am / 12:00 pm / 01:00 pm / 02:00 pm

Ein Haus in Kyoto (Japan) – in English: 
Thursday 05/27 & Saturday 05/29 – 12:00 pm / 01:00 pm / 03:00 pm / 04:00 pm / 05:00 pm


Concept, performance & technics in Berlin: Ren Saibara & Haruka Tomatsu
in Kyoto (Japan): Ayari Ito


Ren Saibara

Ren Saibara is a director, actress & performer from Japan. Since 2007 in Berlin. In her works, she compares the Japanese perspective with the European, often calling the comprehensive global mechanism in current social problems into question. 2018 performance project "Suicide-Hotel Nirwana". 2019 scholarship from "flausen+" with the theme "Anhalten"; 2020 further research on this theme in the residence program Schloss Bröllin.

Haruka Tomatsu

Haruka Tomatsu is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and performer from Japan, she is in Berlin since 2016. She presented "Zen Mondo (Zen Dialog)" (2019) at Water Tower Art Residency in Sofia. "In the Loop" (2019); "Imloop @ homeoffiece" (2020) at Performing Arts Festival Berlin. She is interested in the subject of existence and absence, in the relationship between space, objects, and the body in everyday life. The "Zen Mondo" series is inspired by the Zen philosophy and makes the sensitive, silent part of our existence visible. She researches the audience's participation in the performance and the connection between dance and installation.

Ayari Ito

Ayari Ito lives in Kyoto and works as an actress and performer for various performances, from experimental productions to classical theater. She is one of the directors of the performance group “Galopp”, in which she works as a director and performer. She is also active as a drag queen "Honey de Masse".