Bridging the Scenes

Bridging the Scenes makes the possibilities of solidary, international spaces tangible! The European festival network connects the Berlin Performing Arts Festival with three European festivals: the ACT Festival for Independent Theater in Sofia, the Malá Inventura Festival in Prague and the Selected Works Festival in Copenhagen.

One point of focus is the establishment of a sustainable connection between the communities of the independent performing arts in the four European capitals. All of the participating festivals are institutions that increase the visibility of their local communities and actively draw attention to the cultural policy dimensions of independent work. Reciprocal visits by artists and culture managers from all the cities promote solidarity and professional discussions of current aesthetics, societal and artistic discourses as well as cultural policy. With regular meetings of the festival directors, continuous work meetings about shared concerns and various exchange programs for members of the communities, individual abilities are supported while simultaneously strengthening the exchange of knowledge between the different structures.

This year, the focus of the various networking events will be placed on questions of international mobility, the visibility of artists and exchanges with the audience under the working title Unlimited Spaces of Solidarity.

At the Transnational Tabletalk, the two festival networks FESTIVALFRIENDS and Bridging the Scenes will introduce themselves and invite everyone who is interested to an exchange on the European festival landscape.

The partner festivals: 

ACT Festival // Sofia, Bulgaria

Malá Inventura // Prague, Czech Republic

Selected Works // Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark