PAF Campus

As an innovative format situated between art and education, the 2021 PAF Campus invites students from Bard College Berlin, Free University of Berlin, Berlin Inter-University Center for Dance, Technical University of Berlin and Berlin University of the Arts to discover the festival, its schedule of programming and the various performance venues of the independent performing arts community together and for themselves.

PAF Campus will kick off with half-day workshops with artists from the independent performing arts community. On May 8 and 9 as well as May 15 and 16, 2021, the students can become acquainted with the working methods of artists from the various performative genres of the independent performing arts. The focus will be placed on work that has made digitalism an explicit part of its aesthetic and in which the digital is an essential part of how the work functions.

Attending digital performances together, reflecting artistically upon the productions they have seen and encounter formats with members of the independent performing arts community are intended to deepen the insight into the working methods, production conditions and aesthetic discourses of Berlin’s independent performing artists. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all events are taking place as online in both German and English. 

Participation at PAF Campus is only open to students who are matriculated within the cooperating courses of study at the respective institutions of higher learning. These are: 

  • Liberal Arts (Bard College Berlin) 
  • Theater and Dance Studies (Free University of Berlin)
  • Dance, Context, Choreography (Berlin Inter-University Center for Dance)
  • Stage Design and Scenic Space (Technical University of Berlin)
  • General Studies (Berlin University of the Arts)

The complete schedule of events for PAF Campus is available here.